Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love epiphany...

Prior to now, my resolutions for the New Year included:

1. Make sushi (already done it! And not even a month into the New Year- go me!)
2. Teach my spoodle to pee on command (harder than I thought, but with Dr. Harry's help I can't lose!)
3. Learn to play the ukulele (any help with this will be greatly appreciated…seriously)

I know, I know, I dream big.

I thought these were all very good resolutions for a freshly single girl. However, about half an hour ago, my partner in crime and fellow singleton, Saloptimist, and I, had what could only be described as a love epiphany. Within a few minutes this epiphany grew into a sure-fire plan for 2009! Hurrah!

The plan: To find THE ‘ONE’. (click here for plan details).

Ok. Before I get started, I would like to set a few things straight. Fundamentally, I am a realist, through and through. And until recently, I cringed when other girls would chat about the search for a soul mate, Mr. Right and all that crap. I thought they were foolish kids who will soon get a rude awakening about the realities of love!

BUT, after a very cruel summer of relationship failure, I have surprised myself and adopted a new way of thinking about….true love. I know- shock horror!
Now, my head is clear, my heart is open, and the possibilities are endless!

So here it is. With Saloptimist by my side and the world at my feet, I am packing my 'A' game and maybe a few cliche's and going on the adventure of a lifetime…in search for 'THE ONE'.

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